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In this thread i will cover how to do most of the things on Cruel-WoW


1. Registrations!

1.1 First of all you need an account, Feel free to register an account at and ucp.php?mode=register

1.2 After completing that, Navigate to your Root World of Warcraft Directory (where your WoW.exe is)

1.3 go into Data/en-US or en-GB Depending on what you have and open Realmlist.WTF

1.4 erase all existing text and write " set realmlist " WITHOUT QOUTES!

1.5 Save it, Delete your Cache folder and open WoW.exe! Now login and play!

2. How to access our Discord Server

2.1 In order to access our Discord Server you need a special invitation which can only be found on your User Area "whilst being logged in" head over to then go to and look for a golden text on the right side saying "Discord Invitiation"

2.2 Click this text and you are now automatically added to our Discord Server! Happy chatting

3. How To Vote

3.1 Firstly go to

3.2 Click the selected Vote Site and FILL OUT their Captcha Human Vertification System

3.3 After Submiting your Vertification You should Recieve a specific amount from the specific Vote Site

4. How To Donate

4.1 If you wish to contribute financialy to our server you can head over to

4.2 from here you can select a preselected amount of options. When you have found the one you like simply click it and hit submit

4.3 Complete the following page taking place on/at paypal.

4.4 You can use these "V.I.P Points" at our Web Store

4.5 When done check your in-game mail! Notice! May take up to 5 minutes before the item has come to the in-game mailbox!
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